OK, I thought I would get only one eggplant. But I did not realize the amount of eggplants that would come from one plant. They just kept coming and I had to find ways to store them, no-one else wanted them I tried to give them away. I don't get that, it has a very mild taste.

I used them for eggplant parmesan, I fried them as chips, put panko on them and made a side dish, they are great. Just peel, rinse, flour, coat with egg, and bread with panko they are great. I also used the same step only cut the eggplant in shape of fries, a great side dish.

I also peeled, riced the eggplant added parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, egg formed into a patty and fried them. It was really pretty good.

For storage I tried several different things, the best was blanching, (better cut a large pieces small ones just mush up) wrap in plastic and freeze. We will see how that works in the winter.

I probably will not try that again, buying an eggplant at the market is probably enough, I had more than I could have ever imagined. 

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They start out innocent like this.


Soon they grow into many, many large purple vegetables, that no one wants but me.