BeefSteak vs Roma

I decided this year to try Roma tomatoes, last year I planted Beefsteak and I wanted a sweeter lighter tomato. I did my research and decided to try Roma tomatoes. So I got the plants and planted them, began to care for them, water, great garden potting soil and watch them grow. The two plants really took over and produced lots of tomatoes, I made tomato sauce, pizza sauce and spaghetti sauce. I froze lots of the tomatoes and will have plenty this winter. I was able to use the basil and onions I planted also, great sauces.

I used some metal galvanized containers and filled them with garden potting soil which really seemed to help. Last year I used large round plastic pots which worked well, but the containers gave the tomatoes more room to grow.

Leaving the pots unplanted with soil still in them I noticed a small weed grow up in the pot. I thought the thing was a dandelion and I should pull it. But I didn't I just left it grow, what was the harm I didn't need the pot anyway. It got little yellow flowers and I thought soon they would be big  old dandelions, but I still did not pull it. The flowers did not turn to big yellow flowers, but they went away. The plants got pretty big and was for sure not a dandelion, but I still thought I should pull the thing. Then I noticed it had tiny green balls. What! The balls grew into Beefsteak tomatoes from last year. It took the whole summer before it produced tiny beefsteak tomatoes. So Funny!

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