I create rich visual stories of the Northwest’s finest fresh foods, of the chefs, farmers and growers of this fresh cuisine. I want my images to transport people to a different place to create memories of another time, make them hungry for the foods in the stories I create. I want to add creativity to those stories, so that viewer will instantly dream of their own table. Inviting them to create there own culinary masterpiece.  


Denmark is my place of birth, America is where I tell my tell my food stories, the vineries, farmers market, small cafes, coffee shops and high end restaurants is where the stories begin.



The greatest inspiration are the fields of fresh foods, fresh fruits in the orchards, fresh eggs and butter at the farms, a huge bounty of stories to be told. Watching the chefs prepare their culinary masterpieces, tthe baristas perfecting a cup of coffee. Then watching as the customers enjoy every spoonful. 


So many stories to tell!