Pineapple Sage

Looks like the garden is about done for the year, I have a pumpkin that is trying to turn orange, some sage, basil, rosemary that still have some life in them.

When I was looking for plants for the garden I knew I wanted sage, for Thanksgiving fresh sage sounded wonderful. All that was available was pineapple sage, never heard of it, but that doesn't mean anything. So I planted pineapple sage and I did find the regular sage also. Totally different plants, the regular sage was just a small brush with large leaves, the pineapple sage was a different story. This thing grew to about 2 feet and produced lots of leaves to dry. There were a few strange things about it that made it an interesting plant to watch. A cat kept jumping down from the fence onto the sage and would break the branches off, so I took the branches and put them in water until I got to drying those leaves. To my surprise the branches sprouted roots and started growing in the water. As the other plants in the garden started dying for the winter, the pineapple sage grew more. It was getting a bit worn, but I decided to let it do its thing and it started going to seed and getting real bright red flowers. Interesting in the fact that Hummingbirds loved the flowers, the plant became so popular with the Hummingbirds that they would have regular fights over the flowers. Interesting to see them fight crashing into each other. 

I do believe for the entertainment factor I will take the pineapple sage plant that grew in the water and plant it again next year. I have not tried it in dishes yet, but I will give it a go at some point.

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