Herbs in my Garden

I decided to plant some herbs in my garden, if I could not harvest them at least they would smell good. Stepping outside and having a fragrant aroma from the herbs greet me would be wonderful. The herbs did very well and I was able to harvest and dry them and have fresh herbs through the winter. Not all did well, but the ones that did supplied a lot of dry, jarred herbs.

Not only did I have fresh herbs but I was also was able dry them by I turned the oven to 400 degrees and after the oven reached 400 I turned the oven down to 170 degrees. I put the herbs on parchment paper and left them in for 30 minutes or until crisp. When the herbs were done I let them sit until cool and crushed up the herbs and stored the herbs for later.

The Greek Oregano did very well and provided lots of leaves to dry.

fair to table hers Greek Oregano

Sage was a really good producer


Sage herbs Garden

Cheesecake Factory-Clackamas Mall

A visit to the Cheesecake Factory in Clackamas Mall was OK but a little disappointing. We wanted to grab a quick sandwich and ordered the Roadside Sliders, with cheese and no onions. Well the order arrived 25 minutes later with some onions and no cheese. The server was nice and offered to redo the order but after waiting 25 minutes we opted not.

Food is till good and we will return, but a bit disappooining.

bread at cheesecake factory
Cheesecake Factory food

Asiatico Waterfront Fusion Sushi

One of my favorite visits on the Oregon Coast, in Newport you will find this wonderful restaurant tucked away on the waterfront.

I love the bento and the people are so nice and accommodating. They have a platter with a sample of many of their items. Little dumplings, teriyaki skewers, fried shrimp and spring springrolls. The side salad with miso dressing and miso soup are heavenly, the sauces are perfect. The calamari is cooked to perfection.

Next time you are in Newport, Oregon please stop by and enjoy all they have to offer.

P.f. Changs

I noticed on the menu of P.F. Change that they advertised farm to wok. The menu is full of all kinds of healthy choices. The brown rice is cooked to perfection and all the dishes were delicious. There were a lot of fried foods and most of the non-fried had spices that I can't eat. The batters were light and crispy and I really enjoyed everything.

I choose the fried green beans with a sweet and sour sauce, sweet and sour chicken, crab puffs and lettuce wraps. Amazing food and very good service from Shaun my waiter, I would return with maybe some special request s and the non-fried menu choices.

4a.jpg copyrighted
5a.jpg copyrighted




Local Oceans Seafood

For the best restaurant in Newport Oregon try the Local Oceans Seafoods. Everything is fresh and cooked to perfection. My favorite is the fish and chips, with seafood delivered fresh daily this dish gets 5 stars with me.

At the end of my visit I hate to leave so much that I get fresh fish and smoked salmon to take back home. Try the smoked Salmon in an omelet, great fresh flavor and a real treat when you begin to miss this fresh ocean to table restaurant and seafood store.